Heart and Soul Ceremonies
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Awaken and celebrate the Wise Woman within


Rite of Passage Ceremony


When a woman reaches mid-life, she is at the beginning of a new phase of her life. It is the time in our life where we start great transformations.


A Wise Woman Ceremony is a rite of passage for a woman at menopause to begin her new life with a ritual. It is a validation of who she is and a recognition of her achievement in living long enough to be someone new. 


Her creative skills that have been channelled into different responsibilities can be freed up now and many doors are open, leading to her deeply passionate nature.

This is the beginning of a time when the woman can create something meaningful with a passionate heart for her personal life, her family and a more connective living within the community.

Storytellers in different countries all over the world mention this time as re-connecting with the wild woman, the creative self.


Ocean and Ganga invite you to this journey. Power and Joy results from being true to one’s self and one’s own particular life plan.  


In order to go for the ceremony we meet on the first day to get to know each other. We share and tap into our here and now. We will acknowledge the time and qualities that we have to let go off and tune into our wild, creative self. Together we will work on our vows for the ceremony and share songs, stories, craft and journeys together.