Heart and Soul Ceremonies
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Celebrating a Birth

The birth of a baby is miraculous event, worthy of great celebrations whether or not you intend a formal religious ceremony. This gentle blessing is a lovely way to welcome a new soul into the world


Table or cloth, smudge stick, matches, bowl or shell large feather, candle, salt flower petals, crystal (cleansed). Lay out all the ingredients needed for the blessing before you begin.



  1. Set your ingredients on a table or on a cloth on the ground. If the weather is fine, it is lovely to perform the blessing outdoors.
  2. Light your smudge. Smudge yourself, the people around you. Then smudge the baby, keeping the smoke out of his or her eyes.
  3. Place the baby on the earth and say:” Mother Earth, love and protect the young one.”
  4. Pick up the baby and hold or her up in the air and say: ”Father Sky, inspire and invigorate this you one.”
  5. Lay the baby down or give him/her to someone to hold while you pick up the candle and say: “Grizzly Bear, Spirit of Fire, give the young one determination and courage.”
  6. Now hold the smudge, saying: “Eagle Spirit of Air, give this young one lofty ideals and imagination.”
  7. Now hold up the bowl of water, saying: “Coyote Spirit of Water, give this young one love and joy.”
  8. Finally take a handful of salt, saying: “Buffalo, Spirit of Earth, give this Young one stability and strength.
  9. Each person should now come forward with a petal and place it on the baby, giving him/her gift-wishes, such as confidence and laughter.
  10. Finally, smudge the crystal and dedicate it to the baby. Keep it in the baby’s nursery from now on.

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